Standards of Service

If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us immediately for feedback and resolution.

It is our objective to ensure that we provide a premium product, and it is our promise to resolve any customer issues.

Our standard return policy is 10 business days from the delivered shipment notification.

To be eligible for a return and or exchange after that date has passed, please contact us via the "connect with us," form for resolution.

Luxinous reserves the rights to deny patronage, returns, exchanges, or compensation in the event that abuse of our policy is suspected.

All shipments will be shipped within 3 business days from cleared payment.

In order to obtain our customers confidence, trust and loyality to our brand we have a planned product quality checklist.

Nothing is packaged unless it meets our five point quality checklist.

Nothing is shipped unless it meets our five point quality checklist.

Management has established the following five point quality checklist objectives; Freshness, Color, Smell, Date of Production & Overall Presentation.

Our quality & safety standards is what seperates LUXINOUS BRANDS from others.

We want to give a full luxury experience from sourcing, production, pacakaging, shipment & in the customer's hands.

Our Ingredients will always align with our core values. If synthetics in fragrances are used, such materials will be noted on the product descriptions. Please note that in the fragrance world synthetics don't always mean less effective, nor toxic. We will always seek the best ingredients for our products as a luxury brand and as purveyors of fine smudge tools.