Florida Water

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(1) 7oz. Bottle of Murray & Lanman Florida Water Cologne.

A 200 year History:

What started out in the early 1800s as a drugstore perfume, by Lanman & Kemp from New York, later became a staple in most industrialized American homes by the late 1800s. 

The perfume was considered a unisex scent and was marketed as not just a fragrance in the early 1800s, but later as a cure for headaches, cold and flu. The medicinal benefits however were short lived as many people wondered if the large claims from its chemist John Snively were just a marketing strategy, but it appears that the high alcohol content secured most it claims and it didn't stop the momentum of Florida Water.

Many Florida Water companies would pop up after Murray & Lanman, but none would have the success and popularity as they did and still have until this day.

It must be noted that they were responsible for the popularity of Florida Water, and they've spent much money and resources on product development & marketing of their product. They've even went as far as hiring a French artist to design the coveted label we now see today.

Marketed as an after shave perfume for men, a bathing fragrance for women, the makers of Florida Water gave a use for it to most anyone.

What started out as a perfume has evolved into a legend in American Folklore, religious ritual and mysticism.

An old woman tells a story: "Momma would splash Florida Water about the house to keep the bad folks away from our property. Every Sunday, she would clean, sing and splash."  "I've always had a bottle, even my daughter keeps a bottle. I guess you can say it's kind of an American cultural thing now. At least here in New York."