Gardenia & Lemon Peel

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(1) 9oz. Soy Candle

Frosted White 

If the Science of Sex & Smell is exposed in our Tonka & Whiskey soy candle, then it's the femininity of the florals in this Gardenia & Lemon Peel candle that prepares one for such a journey.

Gardenias are such a romantic flower. Slightly reminiscent to the Jasmine flower, but a bit more heady and slightly greener. The Gardenia has been used for centuries in wedding ceremonies, to bridal showers. The element of this flower speaks femininity. It speaks, "I'm soon to be taken."

This candle is strong fragrant floral with a thick and powdery creamy like smell. The Lemon Peel in this scent is light but makes sturdy the florals. The Oil from the Lemon Peel combined with the Gardenia reflects on days of possibilities. It's the hope for tomorrow, the urge for another taste, another chance encounter, a possible never ending love affair, a marriage of two souls.