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Palo Santo

(6) - 4-6inch sticks.

Burn time 15-30 hours, after relighting.

About Our Palo Santo: Contrary to popular belief, Palo Santo also known as Holy Wood, is not as in danger as some social media accounts would have you think. In fact our Palo Santo is sustainably sourced, never cut from trees that have not fallen to the grown and helps supports communities in Peru & in Ecuador.

About Holy Wood: The mystical, medicinal and magical Palo Santo is just as prized the world over, as our beloved friend the Frank Incense. Just as powerful, just as magical.

The sweetness of its scent will fill a room leaving behind not only it's healing benefits, but also it's mystical powers. 

If you have a hard time dealing with the scent or smoke of sage, you'd be most happy that you found my favorite smudge tool of all time, Palo Santo. 

Take the journey, travel distant lands, get unbound, untangled and rewired with Palo Santo.